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Standing up for themselves

In 2001, Governor Roy Barnes of Georgia engineered a secret deal to change the State’s flag despite its overwhelming popularity with the majority of Georgians who take a pride in their Southern culture and heritage. This came shortly after South Carolina, under threats of economic boycotts, recently took down a Confederate Flag from its State Capitol building. 

The true Georgian flagThe unlovely replacement flag for GeorgiaPopular discontent at this underhand stroke, spearheaded by our friends in the Southern Party of Georgia, is growing and the True Georgian Flag, with its Southern Cross emblem, is seen and used more than ever. Georgians have been encouraged further by the April 17th 2001 referendum in neighbouring Mississippi where the electorate voted by a two-thirds majority to retain the existing State Flag, which also bears a Southern Cross emblem. Mississippi voted overwhelmingly to keep the Confederate emblem on its flag Tuesday, rejecting suggestions from the governor and business leaders that a new flag would help the state escape its past.  Governor Ronnie Musgrove and many business leaders supported the new flag, saying it would help ‘move the state forward economically and socially’. There can be no doubt that the liberal-leftist crowd are anxious to overturn this decision as soon as possible and that they will seek to punish Mississippians for their defiance. Southrons will need to be on their guard. More violations of the Southern heritage and acts of ‘cultural cleansing’ are probably in the pipeline. We’ve seen too much of the same kind of thing here in Ulster, so our best wishes go out to our kinsfolk in Dixieland.

Update November 2002

Roy Barnes, the scalawag Democratic governor of Georgia has been ousted after a long grassroots campaign against him led by activists from the Southern Party of Georgia.

Barnes showed his contempt for the people of Georgia and their heritage and culture when he railroaded through a bill that tore down the state’s traditional flag. Now he has paid the price of his treachery. When the people of Mississippi were given a opportunity, they voted overwhelmingly to retain their traditional flag. Now it’s Georgia’s turn. We are sure that the SPofGA will demand that Governor Perdue restore the true Georgia flag at an early date.



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