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Last updated August 28th 2007

Newshound.  What's going on in Ulster today?  The top stories, news commentaries and backgrounds from newspapers and media outlets throughout Ulster, Ireland, Great Britain and further afield.  Bookmark this site and never buy a newspaper again! 

The Cain Project is an ambitious project which gathers together material on the Ulster conflict from all sides.  This is valuable for research and for anyone trying to understand what makes so many Ulsterfolk tick. Check out http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/

Slugger O'Toole.  Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture.  This weblog teases out all the political and cultural happenings in Ulster today.  Bookmark this one.  A useful supplement to Newshound.  Check out www.sluggerotoole.com

Ulster History and CultureWhat went on in Ulster yesterday, last year, or a century or more ago?  What is the significance of the years,1169, 1607, 1641, 1690, 1798, 1912, 1916, 1969 and those more recent dates in our calendar?  Try out the following websites for more background information.  The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, the Cruithne site, Ulster Explained and at a more local level, the Federation for Ulster Local Studies. Check out also the Somme Association.  

The Northern Ireland election site.  The ultimate source on election results in Ulster since 1985.

Community sites and projects.  The Shankill Mirror reflects the views of the Greater Shankill community in Belfast. 

THIRD WAYThe main site of the Third Way organisation. News, commentary and thoughtful discussion of important issues.  Not to be confused with Tony Blair's Menshevism.  His 'third way' is a respray job for the tired old worn out orthodoxies of liberal social democracy.  Check it out and you'll see the difference. www.thirdway.org   There are two other Third Way sites...

Counter CultureCounter Culture takes a refreshing look at the modern 'war of position' in today's society.  

Mother Earth.   The ecological magazine, Mother Earth, emphasises the struggle for a healthy land and people.

Ulster-nationalist.  An independent Ulster-nationalist site.

Dixienet.org.  This is the website of the League of the South, which seeks 'to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means'.  Ulster Nation advocates closer association with our kinsfolk in the American South.  A similar site is run by the our good friends in the Southern Party of Georgia  - a registered third party in that State.

Antiwar.com.  The one sane voice of opposition to neo-imperialist adventurism all over the world.  This site keeps readers up-to-date with the machinations of the War Party, whether in the Balkans,  the Middle East, Africa, Asia or even here in Ulster.  This is essential reading for all opponents of the new liberal interventionism.  Bookmark it today.  www.antiwar.com/   An associated site with similar aims is LewRockwell.com, the anti-state, antiwar, pro-market site.  We have differences with some of the economic ideas, but agree with most of the rest.  As President Bush seeks to extend his empire and crush the so-called "axis of evil", we can thank goodness that not all Americans agree with him.  Americans Against World Empire believes that America should be "a beacon, not a policeman" for the world.

Privacy International.  Since September 11th 2001, governments all over the western world have taken the opportunity to tighten their control over their populations.  In Britain, the NuLab government is planning a so-called 'entitlement card'.  Keep up to date with this by book-marking http://www.privacyinternational.org/issues/idcard/uk/

Solidarity. A new trade union for British and Irish Workers has been formed to combat the new McCarthyism that sees members of dissident political parties persecuted for their political views and allegiances. A truly independent workers' voice.

Civil Liberty. Civil Liberty is prepared to champion controversial and politically incorrect cases. Though still developing it is worthy of support.

Disclaimer.  Apart from the Third Way sites, the presence of a link on this page should not be taken to imply any organisational link with the organisations or individuals behind those  sites. A link is not a full endorsement of all or any of the political, historical or ideological positions taken by the publishers of such sites.  We welcome suggestions from readers for suitable sites to be included on this links page.


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