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Pim Fortyn - Press incited his murder

The sharp rise in the vote for national-populist parties throughout Europe indicates a strong sense of dissatisfaction with the concept of ‘multi-culturalism’ and multi-nation states among significant sections of the indigenous host societies.   As we have already seen over the past four decades, multi-cultural societies become a battleground where competing communities strive to advance their interests and the governing elite becomes concerned with buying off immigrant and ‘minority ethnic’ communities in return for their electoral support.  The future of such divided societies looks bleak. 

The corrupt, cosy, liberal European ruling elites may wring their hands in horror, but if everyone but the so-called ‘far-right’ ignores and despises them, then the indigenous English, French, Dutch and Flemish working classes and lower middle classes will vote for them.   Nobody every voted to establish a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-nation state in Europe.  Such a state is not a natural entity.  It needs a battery of so-called ‘anti-hate’ laws, equality commissions, ‘race relations’ boards, employment quotas and numerous quangoes to try and force it to work.

Naturally, the liberal elites don’t get the message.  It seems that no crime is so odious to them than robust nationalism.  We just loved the French socialist demonstrators who called for the cancellation of the second round of the French presidential elections in the name of ‘democracy’.  Democracy is all very well, as long as the people vote as they’re told!  Rather than listen to the people, the liberal establishment demonises the new opposition parties as demagogic, criminal, xenophobic, nazi, fascist, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic hatemongers who seek to sow discord and incite anti-minority violence in our lovely rainbow nations. 

Yet the main violence has come from the left against the people the liberal press have demonised.  Just as Sunday World journalist Martin O’Hagan’s articles often led to attacks on people he wrote about, so press incitement incited the leftist patsy, Volkert van der Graaf to murder the Dutch populist political leader, Pim Fortyn.  British newspapers sank to a new low after the murder.  The Sun and The Mirror carried a gruesome picture of Fortyn lying lifeless in a car park under the headline,  “Price of Hate”.  It reminded me of the horrific pictures of Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta Petacci after their murder by communist partisans in May 1945.  As with those historic pictures, their message implied that Fortyn got what he deserved.

David Kerr
May 2002

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