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The National Way Forward

Justin Barrett. The Guild Press, Spring, Granard, Co Longford, Éire. IR£6.00

wpe7.gif (13330 bytes)THIS RECENTLY published book amounts to almost 200 pages and is written from the perspective of Irish republican Catholicism in a genuinely radical manner as opposed to that of the false liberal-leftist ethos espoused by Gerry Adams and his counterparts. Written by Justin Barrett, Public Relations Officer of the Éire anti-abortion group, Youth Defence, he at least honestly and openly addresses the difficulties confronting Ulster’s “war of nationality”.

Barrett’s vision is that of an ‘Ireland, united, Gaelic and free’ based upon Catholic social doctrine and divorced from the liberal capitalist dogma which the author bitterly castigates throughout his work. His solution for Ulster? Repartition, and he puts forward compelling argument for same – basically an idea proposed in the 80s by Irish radicals writing in the journal, Nationalism Today. Then, as now, many will find this idea unpalatable. However, Barrett sees the growth of the Roman Catholic community as the death-knell for Ulster Protestantism. This reviewer would take issue with this analysis, but I believe that his is a genuine attempt to forward a real and meaningful alternative and almost certainly lends the possibility of dialogue and discussion with sincere Irish nationalists. I can at least consider arguments advanced pertaining to alternative viewpoints unlike Sinn Féin/IRA who seek to guarantee us a place in their ‘32 county socialist Republic’. Candour from that source may have admitted that this ‘place’ is six foot under!

Barrett applauds the theories of Hilaire Belloc and G K Chesterton, ideas which are common to nationalists throughout Europe, and advances ‘third positionist’ concepts of opposition to international finance, capitalism and atheistic Marxism, Ireland’s EU membership and liberalism in the guise of homosexuality, abortion, divorce and naked materialism. He also examines the links between the New York financial empire and the Soviet revolution. And in Ireland and the World, looks toward matters in the 21st century, viewing the US as an empire in collapse in much the same manner as the Soviet model. He also views Red China, with its nuclear capabilities, imperial ambitions and growing population as the primary threat for the 21st century. Beware George Dubya!

In parts Mr. Barrett’s book is in place over-long and repetitive. Nonetheless, his effort deserves reading by all those seeking national freedom and social justice.

Greg Cumming

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