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IN LAST May’s general election our editor stood in the East Antrim constituency as a parliamentary candidate on the Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket. This was on the invitation of Rainbow George Weiss. David Kerr endorsed the platform of ‘vote for yourself’ and the idea of taking decisions through preferendum as a means of finding policies acceptable and accountable to the greatest number of people.

   However, this decision annoyed a member of an extremist Trotskyite sect calling itself the ‘Socialist Party’. This person went to the press to complain that Mr Kerr had once been a member of the long defunct National Front, that he is a member of Third Way - which he falsely described as ‘fascist’ - and that he is a critic of the multicultural society.

  Mr Kerr was indeed an NF member who voted to disband that party in 1990.  He is a member of the progressive nationalist 3W and he certainly does have questions about the new civic religion of ‘multiculturalism’; as indeed do Trevor Phillips of the CRE and David Goodhart of Prospect magazine.

   Ulster Nation takes the view that multiculturalism promotes cultural relativism and in practice is anti-Western.

  It denigrates the indigenous cultures of these islands and it pits ethnic groups of relatively recent settlers and their descendants in competition against one another and the host population.  This is more likely to stoke up resentment and racism rather than to eliminate it. 

  We recognise, though that these ideas do not come from the settlers themselves but from politically-motivated liberal-leftists in positions of influence who hate their own heritage, traditions and civilisation and despise their own people. Socialists used to believe in the advancement of the working class. Now they despise the indigenous working class as too bigoted and conservative, so instead these folks just use the settler communities to advance their own authoritarian liberal-leftist agenda over the rest of us. 

  Ulster and our Southern neighbour haven’t seen too much of this yet, but the intolerant attitude of the Socialist Party indicated that early signs are there.

January 2006

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