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Bush's sinister advisor

Many of U.S. president George W Bush’s closest advisors are determined that there will be war against Iraq. One of the leading members of this cabal of neo-conservative ‘chickenhawks’ is Paul Wolfowitz. Mr Wolfowitz has given his name to the Wolfowitz Doctrine which argues that America's political and military mission should ensure that no rival political power is ever allowed to emerge anywhere in the world. 

According to the Washington Times, (April 12, 2001) this is "to guard against the emergence of hostile regional superpowers, for example, Iraq or China. … America is No. 1. We stand for something decent and important. That's good for us and good for the world. That's the way we want to keep it." So, under the guise of ‘human rights’, stamping out weapons of mass destruction, fighting terrorism and other some such humbug, the US will just be punishing a state that won’t do as it’s told!

Another neo-con ideologue, Bill Kristol, calls this ‘benevolent global hegemony’. Their vision of a New World Order wants to abolish what’s left of the old American constitutional republic, revive the theory and practice of colonialism and establish an American world empire. So, don’t be surprised if war breaks out with Iraq during the first couple of months of 2003. It has nothing to do with avenging the September 11th 2001 atrocities which had nothing to do with the secularist Iraqis – it’s just naked aggression on behalf of the America’s regional client state – Israel. Once Iraq falls, the next steps will be to colonise Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt and to confront China all over Asia.

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