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Updated August 29th 2007

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The masthead of Ulster Nation magazine bears the Crinon Knot - symbol of past, present and future.Ulster National Flag - Cross of St Patrick overlaid on the Cross of St Andrew.



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Welcome to Ulster Nation - as 'advertised' in The Irish Times, The Irish Independent and Liveline on RTÉ Radio One and as falsely misrepresented by Ireland on Sunday.


WELCOME to the Ulster Nation website. Ulster Nation is an educational publication which exists to promote the ideals of national freedom and social justice for Ulster. We stand for a new loyalty - loyalty to Ulster our Motherland. Our divided people have been prisoners of their traditional loyalties for far too long. We want to give Ulsterfolk something to struggle for - rather than the endless die-in-the-last-ditch rearguard action to defend an already lost cause. We want to encourage the reawakening of Ulster's national identity.


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 Ulster Nation issue 38.

In issue 38 you will find: 


Sinn Féin in Transition


The only defensible war is a war of defence


Sinn Féin and the Securocrats - Colluding together; united in Struggle!


New Labour: taking liberties with liberty.


Peter Hain: Ulster's Pain.


A fresh approach for Ulster-nationalists.


Join Solidarity the Fighting Union.


The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East - review


Regular reviews, letters and features.

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OUR TASK - A role for radical Ulster-nationalists

Ulster Nation seeks to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Ulster people by all honourable means. Thus, the central idea that drives our supporters is the redemption of our independence as a nation. We envision a free and prosperous sovereign Ulster state founded on private property, free association, fair trade, sound money, equal justice before the law and secure borders. A bold, self-confident civilisation  based in large part on its cultural and ethnic Ulster-Scots roots, without ignoring the contribution of Ulster-Gaels.

As a means of making real our vision of an independent Ulster state, Ulster-nationalists must firstly revitalise our largely Ulster-Scots culture. Without a strong cultural base, Independence will be difficult to attain. But to strengthen Ulster's culture, we must overcome the mis-education of our people by undertaking a campaign to educate them about the true history of Ulster in particular and this island in general.

To recreate our society, we should encourage the growth of largely self sufficient communities among our people. We can develop healthy local communities and institutions by abjuring the realm  - seceding from the mindless materialism and vulgarity of contemporary Anglo-American society. To stimulate the economic vitality of our people, we must become producers and not just consumers. By establishing BUY ULSTER campaigns and by forming trade guilds or associations, we can begin to wean ourselves from economic dependency on the Irish Republic and Great Britain. By encouraging the use of private sources of finance, we can begin to break our financial dependency on those who may seek to do us harm.

Once we have planted the seeds of cultural, social and economic renewal, then we can really begin to look to our Ulster Homeland's political renewal. Political independence will come only when we have convinced Ulsterfolk that they are indeed a nation in the organic, historical and Biblical sense of the word, namely, that they are a distinct people with a language, mores and folkways that separate them from the rest of the world.  Ulster Nation gives editorial support to the registered political party, Ulster Third Way.

Who said it was going to be easy?


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